Feature Friday: Brea Grant

Each Friday we highlight one empowered participant from our campaign.

This week I’m excited to share Heroes’ actress, Brea Grant. When Brea heard about our campaign + mission, she hopped on-board the bodyheart train. And, we are so glad she did!

Meet Brea Grant.

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Brea Grant. Actress. Los Angeles, CA. www.breagrant.com

I chose my back and shoulders.

I started running a few years ago and thought I would get slimmer and my legs would get stronger. Neither of those things really happened but my back did get super strong and lean. I love the way my back and shoulders look in and out of clothes.


I also have some strange scars close to the base of my spine from biking around carrying a backpack that was too heavy in college. I would get little scabs there from where it would rub on my back and they would never heal. They look sort of strange but remind me of that time in my life when I road a bike everywhere and did nothing but read books and hang out with friends.



For more information about Brea, visit www.breagrant.com.

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2 Responses to “Feature Friday: Brea Grant”

  1. I love that Brea can see the beauty in the conventional and unconventional parts of her beautiful body. She radiates happiness and self-acceptance. I really believe with each self-accepting female out there, we all take a step toward living more fully within ourselves. Yay, Brea!!!

  2. So true Erin! Each and everyone woman willing to show up fully in her authenticity + compassion is helping all of us to do the same. xo-Amber

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