What Do You Choose?

Hoopty Hoop! This week was a BIGGGGG week. It’s true.

We updated our website AND launched our newest FREE program, the 3-Day Beauty Booster!

Here’s what some people have shared:



And that’s just the beginning! So, if you haven’t hopped on-board the Beauty Booster train, get on it right here!

Onto this week’s bodyheart BIT!

You get a video! Yay! I just felt like it was easier to ‘talk’ to you about this one.

Today I’m talking about CHOICE. We hear a lot about how we have a choice in the way we see things. Yet sometimes it doesn’t feel that way.

So, this week I give you a little action step that will help you exercise the power of choice.

Ready? Click play below.

“Choice is like a muscle. You must use it or you lose it.” (Click to tweet).

In the comments below share your five! (You’ll see what I mean in the video!)

Also, don’t forget it’s Friday, which means another Feature Friday Gal! She says: “I got to to be as sexy, fun and outrageous as I wanted to be no apologies necessary and no playing small.” Witness her growth + love on her in the comments here, would ya?

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Peace + Pleasure,

ps – If you live in Denver, get in before the price goes up on Wednesday! Check it out right here.

2 Responses to “What Do You Choose?”

  1. Hey that’s me in the testimonials! 😉

    I love everything about body heart, especially as I’m on my own body-loving journey!

    Currently I’m struggling with my living situation. Here are my five:

    1) This sucks…I’m so far away from everyone and everything and I feel so disconnected.
    2) I have an amazing space that is perfect for hosting get togethers and dinner parties.
    3) By being further out, I’m learning to refine my time management skills and be more conscious of my time in general.
    4) I have an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and the stress of school…its always at my fingertips.
    5) I have the best of both worlds: suburban life within 20 minutes of the city.


  2. @Kait – Thank you for taking the full challenge (and for sharing your tweet about the Booster!) I love your 5. Isn’t cool to think out of the box and then choose the perspective that is most supportive? Also, I thought of another one for you, what if it’s to meet and connect with new people? Or share your passion with a new community? Help someone new? Just some ideas. Have a beautiful weekend. xo-A.

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