My Creative Process in Evolving bodyheart

I shared an email with the bodyheart business community a couple weeks ago. (Didn’t know there’s a separate community for that? Click here to be a part of it.)

I decided to go ahead and share that same post with you. In it I talk about what you can expect from bodyheart moving forwardat least, where I am with it today. I also give insights into my creative process. Whether you are creating a business, a book, a healthier body, a painting, a song, a meal or anything, creativity is a part of your life. And learning how to flow with Her is so valuable.

So, check out the post below and let me know what you think in the comments!

It’s been a while since I’ve written, my entrepreneurial friend. I’ve been in a big phase of transition and transformation in my life and business. I find when I’m in these places that radio silence and stillness fuel me. I need space to hear the voice of my heart.

I’ve known for a while bodyheart is expanding, but I haven’t been clear on what that means, or even looks like.

Should bodyheart stay bodyheart and I create another business name for the expansion? Should it all fit under the umbrella of bodyheart? Should I let bodyheart go completely? Should I still include body image support? But, what about money, career, relationship, spirituality and life? All the places I’ve grown so much since starting my business (in my garage!) back in 2009.

So many questions. And, none of those questions could be answered from within my head. Trust me, I tried. I spent months trying to figure it out. Trying to come to an answer. Sitting down with my journal and looping around these questions without having much insight or success.

I was forcing creativity’s hand. And, guess what? She doesn’t work like that. She doesn’t show up on command and perform. That’s not how she’s wired. 

See, I felt this pressure inside to come to a conclusion and take action, in order to stay relevant, not fall behind and not lose everything I built. It felt like I needed to get this rebrand up as fast as possible or it would hurt my business if I didn’t.

I share this with you because as entrepreneurs it’s easy to feel behind and think you have to have the answer now or you’ll be forgotten or become irrelevant. That you’ll lose everything you’ve built. Or, that you’ll never get “it” off the ground. These false ideas create so much pressure inside. And that pressure is like a shrinking metal box that closes in on you until you have no room for creation.

My business goals for this year were/are:

1. Lead a 6-month Mastermind group supporting coaches in growing their practice.
2. Rebrand bodyheart.
3. Write a book.

The first one came to completion a few weeks ago! The Coaching Immersion Adventure, or CIA, was the MOST incredible experience. (See a pic here.) I worked with a select group of powerful women in a way I never had—supporting them in standing in their leadership, serving from their heart and upleveling their wealth consciousness. It was amazing!

What you’ll appreciate about this group is that it was birthed from my heart. From pure inspiration. All I had to do was show up and say yes. So easy!

Now, the other two – the rebrand and book – not so much. They feel big and mighty and not as clear. After four months into the year and NO result, I felt like a failure—that I had lost my connection to Creativity.

So, I surrendered. Only because I had to. I didn’t know what else to do. I decided to stop focusing on the rebrand and the book and just get into my life. I even gave myself a new time line. I wasn’t going to worry about anything until September. If, by then, I didn’t have some kind of inspiration, then I would deal with it.

This decision was THE best decision I could’ve made. I was free. I could just play.

Maybe you are in a place of transition in your business. Maybe you aren’t sure exactly what your own evolution is. What the next focus will be. Today’s email is to offer you comfort and encouragement. If that’s where you are, it’s really ok.

It’s not easy sitting in the discomfort and trusting that Life will bring you more clarity. One of my intentions this year is to let Life lead. It’s definitely NOT been easy for me to take the summer off and give myself until September to allow the inspiration to arise.

AND, the good news is, I can feel the spark of inspiration inside of me. She’s ignited and clarity is coming. In fact, in some ways, clarity is already here.

I was just sitting on a plane a couple days ago when a bunch of words came into my head—out of nowhere. Here’s what I wrote:

“bodyheart is about love. Not romantic love—though that’s a part of it. It’s about a deeper, more fulfilling love. A love that exists and is present in you at all times. A love of your Self. Your True Self.

You are Love. Your essence is loving and accessing that place inside—learning to reside in that more and more—creates more ease, more joy, more peace and more fulfillment in your life. In every area.

This is what bodyheart is about. It’s about your relationship with yourSelf. Your Big Self. It’s about your relationship with your body. Your money. Your career. Your spouse. Your family. Your success. Your play. Your work. And so much more.

It’s about getting out of your head and into your body, so you can experience the Wisdom of your Heart.”

I don’t know if this is THE fit. If this is what the next evolution of bodyheart will be. I gotta say, it feels pretty good right now. It feels clearer than it’s been, and I’m sure grateful for that.

Ideas are born when they are ready. They have a life of their own. This is what I’m learning to trust. (Tweet It.)

My message today is to hang in there. To know you aren’t forgotten. That what’s in your heart is powerful and meant to be shared with the world. The answer will come in it’s own time and when there’s enough space inside for it to seed and grow.

Are you giving yourself enough downtime for that to happen? Are you doing less and being more? Because, the uncomfortable truth is, that’s a requirement.

Take this message today as a love note from The Universe, reminding you it has your back! That you have permission to slow down, relax and breathe. The answers are inside of you. You just have to hear the whispers.

With loving,

By: Amber Krzys

The Dress that Caused Me to Smack into a Window

I was recently attending a conference led by uber-inspiring coach, author and speaker, Robert Holden. I had the privilege of participating in two workshops with him lasting a total of 11 days—lucky me! I’ll be sharing more about my learnings from him in a later post.

Before I dive in, a little back story…

One of the things I’ve been working with over the last year is embracing my ever-changing body. Due to some hormonal and lifestyle changes, my body looks different than she did a year ago. Definitely different than what she looked like five years ago! I know this is ok—even to be expected—AND, if I’m completely honest, it’s been quite challenging at times, causing me to pause and look at my work with new eyes.

I get that this is a beautiful opportunity for me to deepen in the healing I’ve done with my body and to take this work to the next level, and there’s a part of me that just doesn’t want to! (Can’t I just be done with this already? – begs my inner voice.)

An action I decided to take to celebrate this “new” physique was hiring a stylist and having my colors done. (You can see some pics of that process here and here.)

As much as I would like to say this adventure was joyful and amazing—it wasn’t. Well, it was and it wasn’t. It forced me to come up against the part of me that is so attached to looking a certain way. The part of me that believes my worth and value comes from what I look like.

This is an aspect I haven’t spent much time with in a while…and, I guess she missed me because she came back with a vengeance!

Fast forward to Robert Holden’s event…

We were doing an exercise on courage where we were asked to think of a courageous act we could take that would support us in moving forward with our goals. The act that was present for me was to wear one of my new dresses. The one that was a beautiful color, but made of thin jersey cotton and didn’t hide any of my lumps and bumps.

I woke up the next morning full of anxiety and thoughts about whether to stand in my courage and wear the dress or shrink. I chose to rise and wear it. I was really proud of myself until about lunch when it was time to take off my comfy sweater (the room was cold) that covered my most concerning areas.

I was walking from the lobby to the pool area to sit with friends and eat when I got lost in my head. I felt fully exposed. There was nothing covering my dress and only a thin layer between the eyes of others and my cellulite. I was so consumed with what they were thinking of me. Were they judging me as fat and unattractive? I even tried to compensate by walking a little taller, with a bit of a strut.


I didn’t even know what happened. It took me a moment to recover.

I was aware of about five people coming up to me asking me if I was okay. “Ok? Ok from what?”

The awareness hit—OMG! I just slammed into a glass window thinking it was an open door to the pool area!

I SLAMMED into a GLASS WINDOW—leaving a full on face print and all.

Wow. The Universe certainly has a sense of humor! Luckily, I wasn’t hurt. That glass was double-paned. But, I was a bit frazzled.

I realized how NOT present I was. And, I wondered how often that happened. How much of my life was I missing because I was lost in my thoughts about my body?

I was so grateful for that Divine Intervention. It literally woke me up and shattered my priorities. My life was happening and I wasn’t showing up for it.

Right then and there I set my intention to see clearly. To get out of my head and into the world around me. To connect with Life. 

It’s funny, this year for me is about letting Life lead and surrendering to the Grace that already is. Well, it’s kinda hard to do that when I’m not present.

How often are you lost in your head and missing the beautiful moments Life is trying to gift you?

Allow this post to be your wake up call and save yourself from running into a glass window!

By the way, here’s a picture of the dress!


With loving,

By: Amber Krzys

Miraculous Results of My Surrender Experiment

I promised an update a few weeks ago with details about the process of selling my house. Which, by the way, is official. I am no longer the owner of the sunshine house. She is now sharing her light with a new family. (That’s her below.)


This was my first time selling a house, so I wasn’t sure what it would be like. Would it be easy? Difficult? How long would it take? I had no idea.

And, what I can tell you is I made a choice from the get-go that orchestrated the most graceful, easy experience. I’m still stunned when I think about it. I can’t help but smile from ear-to-ear when I look back over the last few months.

That choice was: I decided to surrender the process to Spirit—to get out of my way and let Life do her thing. To NOT control the experience, but to be in flow with what was.

In today’s blog, I’m sharing the results of this subtle, yet powerful decision, as well as how I walked through it in case you want to test out your own surrender experiment and have your mind-blown too!

It all started with a book recommended to me by my coach—The Surrender Experiment by Michael A. Singer.


It’s the first book I’ve read in a long time that I could NOT put down. I’m serious, I’d be out at dinner with a friend and think, “I can’t wait to get back home and read this book.”

Who was I? I’m not an avid reader. In fact, reading tends to make me fall asleep; thus my love of Audible. But, for some reason, this book had me hook, line and sinker.

The Surrender Experiment was demonstrating an entirely new way of being in the world—one where Grace was at it’s foundation, instead of control, struggle and fighting reality. It felt like it was speaking to me on a deep level and inviting me to play in a way I never considered. In a new realm of possibility.

One of the primary principles of the book is the idea that Nature doesn’t mess up. That She has an innate knowing for what is needed and will best serve. All we have to do is allow Her to do it.

And, that idea set up the rules for my game—the game of selling my house. With this, I decided to run my own Surrender Experiment.

What I did was deceptively simple. I set intentions for how I’d like the process to unfold. Things like:

I intend for my tenant to find a new place a week before her required move-out date.
I intend for very little repairs so we can list the house in a timely fashion.
I intend to sell the house quickly with grace and ease.
I intend to list the house by xxx date.
I intend to have only one thriving open house.
I intend to know exactly what price to list it for.
I intend to receive multiple offers.
I intend to sell the house above asking price.

All of these intentions and a few more were formed and released to Spirit—including, this or something better for the highest good of all concerned.

See, that’s the part I struggled with in the past. I wanted it to be my way, so I didn’t actually let go and flow with what was. I tried to control the experience in order to hold onto my vision.

This time was different. I whole-heartedly let go and trusted.

That didn’t mean I didn’t have moments of doubt and concern. “What if the house doesn’t sell quickly, then we’ll fall out of escrow on the new house we want! What if we don’t get our asking price? What if the renter can’t find a new place in time? What if???”

And, each time those thoughts came up, I reminded myself of another principle from The Surrender ExperimentI am not my thoughts. If I can hear them and see them, then they, clearly are not me. They are just my ego-referenced thinking, my chattering mind, that I don’t have to accept as true.

I practiced this time and time again. Reminding myself to trust that Life has my back. That no matter what, I would be ok. I would sell my house at some point. And, if we fell out of escrow on the new house, then that house wasn’t meant for us and we would find something even better. What I discovered was that I could relax in God’s hands.

Every single one of my intentions came true. My tenant got out early. The repairs were minimal. I was able to list by the date I wanted. I was so clear about the price of the house—even the list price had significant meaning. We held one open house and had 51 people come through. We received three multiple offers over asking price. And, the rest is history.

Needless to say, my mind was blown.

Could it be that simple? Could Life really know better than me?

My answer to that question is yes. And, I actually find a lot of comfort in that. I don’t have to know all the answers or do it all on my own. For me, that is radical!

You now know what I did and the results that came out of my internal and external actions. Maybe you feel inspired to test out your own Surrender Experiment? Boy, if you do, I’d love to hear your results. And, if you have questions about what I did, you can share those in the comments below.

May you experience the tremendous gift of allowing Life to lead.

With loving,

By: Amber Krzys

Loving Every Wrinkle

Over the summer I had the privilege of attending a workshop led by the most elegant, feminine and authentically powerful woman named Nancy Kline. Being in her presence was a highlight of my life. I mean that sincerely.


Nancy (above in green) has built a career supporting people in thinking for themselves. Her work is profound and meaningful – and something I am deepening in within my life.

In our time together she shared about her latest book called – Living with Time to Think: The Goddaughter Letters. This book is a series of letters she wrote in response to three important questions her goddaughters asked her.

One of the letters touched my heart so deeply (I had tears streaming down my face), I wrote Nancy to see if I could share that letter with YOU. I’m grateful she said yes. Below you’ll find the chapter titled Every Wrinkle.

Here’s a short excerpt:

“I wonder whether you have decided to love every wrinkle, to see each one as a sign of increased beauty. I wonder whether you actually love each one…And I wonder what it would take for the whole world to love them, too. 

We need old women to show us how to be beautiful.

I tried out that idea at Cosmopolitan once…”

To read what happened when Nancy tested out this idea at Cosmo, as well as discover one of the best questions you will ever ask yourself in your entire life, click here.

I’m leading a FREE call next week to continue exploring this topic of body and beauty.

In my experience, nothing tests the loathing to loving scale more than summer time and bathing suit season. Just the idea of showing our perceived body flaws really brings up some stuff. And, this free call is about supporting you in moving through that stuff so you can experience a summer of FUN and FREEDOM.

I remember the first summer I spent NOT feeling concerned about what I looked like in my bathing suit. Not worrying about what others’ thought of me. It was an incredible experience – that is available to YOU too.

If you want what I’m talking about, then, sign up for this free event at By the way, reading this article is a requirement for attending the call!

With loving,

By: Amber Krzys

Chasing After a Life That’s Not Yours

As a coach, I think it’s important to work with a coach…and my coach, Michelle Bauman, is brilliant! She shared something with me a few weeks ago that I keep coming back to. I keep deepening into it and even, sharing it with my clients.

It’s so valuable and poignant I want to share it with you. She said:

I once heard Caroline Myss say that what causes people unhappiness is chasing after a life that’s not theirs. It was so powerful for me to hear that – and it got me so much more curious about what is MY life – MY path – who am I called to serve – who are my people to coach. Who do I want to spend my life energy with? Who is asking me for my help? etc. I’m so much happier and more fulfilled when I’m true to my own calling. And I’ve spend plenty of time looking at what others are doing – attempting to use what they are doing to inspire me to “go bigger” or “do more” etc. And, it’s an interesting process to discern what is inspiring in others, what triggers my own ego desire to be “special” – and what does my heart truly want.”

Powerful, right?

She’s talking about the courage to live YOUR life. Not someone else’s. And, not the one your ego tells you you should live, but the one your heart expands into.

Doing this is a courageous act. And, it’s not like you do it once and it’s done. You get an opportunity to choose it every day. In every aspect of your life – in your work, in your relationships, even in your body.

Are you chasing after a dream that’s not yours?

I certainly have in my past – especially when it came to my body. I was chasing a dream of a body that wasn’t mine. A body that wasn’t possible for me. And day in and day out, I lived in a torturous cycle of punishment, guilt, shame and embarrassment. I considered myself and my body a disappointment…and, it totally sucked.

I just kept holding onto the position that if my body were different, my life would be better. That when I was taller, thinner, with larger breasts and no cellulite, THEN I could wear a bikini. Then I could find love. Then I could wear skinny jeans.

I thought a thinner body was the key.

I didn’t know it then, but I was missing out on so much. I was not only missing out on all that body was and could do. I was missing out on the beautiful relationship that exists between she and I now. I was missing out on experiences and pleasures. I was missing out on life.

If you are reading this and thinking this IS me too. That you are chasing after a body that’s not yours, then I invite you to slow down, take a breath and join me for a special event I’m hosting:

I’m leading a complimentary call for you. On it, I’m going to be sharing more about what I did to stand in MY body. To fully own HER – and care for her…and ultimately free myself so that I could stop missing out and start living full out!

I’ll also be opening the line for individual coaching – meaning, you will have an opportunity to work something personal and specific to you.

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, click the link below and enter your name and email address on the form on that page. You’ll receive all the call-in details – including the date, time and call-in number after.

Click here to join me for this special event.

And, if you don’t want to be a part of it, that’s totally fine too. This is all about you attuning to what YOUR heart wants.

I’m excited to connect with you on the call so, together, we can explore how you can open your heart to YOUR body and live your life more full out.

With loving,

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By: Amber Krzys

Not My Finest Moment

Recently I’ve been traveling quite a bit, speaking across the country at colleges (shout out to NAU, NIU, KSU, & UTC). Something happened during one of these trips that I wasn’t so proud of. It was something I did that served as a reminder that there are always opportunities to deepen in our compassion and loving for ourselves and others.

Here’s the scene: It’s the end of a long day of travel – one that began hours earlier and ended later than it should have due to weather and delays. I’m tired and cranky and just want to get to my hotel.

This particular plane was small, so I had to valet check or pink tag my bag. If you’ve not done that before it means you drop your carry-on bag at the gate and pick it up at the gate when you arrive at your destination.

So, I’m in a line full of people waiting for their bags along the gateway. Two lines have formed against both sides leaving a space in the middle so that people exiting the plane can get through. We are all waiting impatiently. It’s like 1 degree – literally – and everyone is cold and ready to get on with their evening.

I look up and see a man stop right in the middle. I think “Is he planning to stand there and wait for his bag? Not a good idea. He’s  gonna block traffic. What’s he doing?”

He proceeds to stand in the middle. People are trying to get around him and he isn’t moving.

After a little while, he finally heads back to the front and stands in the spot where our bags – ok, my bag – will be dropped. Now, I’m starting to get frustrated. It seems like such common sense to me. “Get out of the way! What a total jerk!”

(You see, I had lots of compassion and loving for this man in this moment! Not!)

An older woman across from me was watching the man too. She seemed curious about him (whereas I seemed totally annoyed)…so, when he walked back into the middle again, she asked him one simple question: “Sir, do you need some help?”

The man replied by shaking his head yes. He said, “I usually have a wheelchair meeting me. I’m not used to all these people and I’m not sure where I’m supposed to stand.”

(Face palm. Who’s the jerk now?! That would be me.)

Then he says – stuttering a little bit: “I’m recovering from a concussion, so my thoughts don’t work like they used to.”

(OMG – now, I feel like a total a**hole!)

I made so many assumptions about him because I was so concerned about myself. About my own crankiness and getting out of the cold and into my hotel room. I immediately applied some loving kindness to myself – as a few parts of me wanted to judge me as a total jerk and an a**hole. And, I knew those kinds of judgments don’t help at all.

Then I looked for the learning – which was a beautiful reminder that the stories that go on in my head aren’t true a lot of the time. The assumptions I made about this man or make about anyone, including myself for that matter, aren’t usually true. And, the only way to know the truth is to find out by asking. Which is what that beautiful woman did – “Sir, do you need some help?”.

Simple. Loving. And full of compassion.

I was so grateful to witness this kindness. To see it modeled so beautifully in front of me with such ease and grace.

And, I’m sharing it with you today to remind you as well. When you next find yourself in a heated or annoyed state, ask yourself – is what I’m telling myself about this circumstance true? 100% true? Then see if you can find an opening for a little more kindness and compassion.

Kindness wasn’t my first response in that moment – and, that’s ok because I’m human AND I got a valuable lesson out of it.

If you have a story where you maybe weren’t your kindest and most loving self – you are welcome to share about it in the comments. That way I won’t be the only one! And, I invite you to share your learning from that experience too.

Thank you for being here and being a part of this community.

With loving,

PS: Operation Feel Good 2015 starts on Sunday! If you want in, hop on here.

By: Amber Krzys

The Most Courageous

I’ve been traveling for speaking the last couple weeks – which is always fruitful for sourcing good writing material. The thing I’ve witnessed and been most struck by on this trip is courage.

I think it’s easy in our culture to downplay courage. To make it not count. There’s this idea that courage only counts when it’s grand. That you have to save someone from a burning building or put your life on the line.

But what about the courage it takes to live YOUR life each day? To say no – even when it might hurt someone’s feelings? To ask someone on a date and risk rejection? To show up in all of your uniqueness (aka weirdness – we all got some) and be YOU?

I think the most courageous act you will make in your entire life is – to be YOU.

In my travels this last week, I’ve experienced students – inspiring students – willing to do that. Willing to take a stand for their humanity and share their vulnerability.

Northern Illinois University created a Self-ie Perspective gallery – where students took unfiltered selfies and shared their stories about how they pick themselves and their bodies apart. There were hundreds of images and stories posted along the walls – so much TRUTH in that room.


I actually got teary-eyed walking through the gallery. I saw these gorgeous, fresh-faced young men and women standing in their vulnerability in order to serve each other and their community.

I also walked away even more committed to supporting you in feeling good in your body. In discovering the sacredness and sweetness available to you right now – in the body you have.

Beauty and ugliness are two sides of the same coin – meaning, you get to choose which side you want to fuel. No one can force you to flip the coin without your permission. Not society, your friends, your parents – no one. You have a say.

The students below from Northern Arizona University took a stand for their bodies last week. It was such a treat to witness them flip that coin and discover something good – even great – about the body they have. 


I invite you to do the same. Whether it’s finding the courage to love your body a little more or to risk telling someone the truth – choosing YOU is where it’s at! 

Take a moment and finish this statement in the comments below:

If I were just 1% more courageous, I would…

If you like that stem sentence and want to deepen in your answer, I’ll be speaking at a special event on March 14th in Santa Monica where the foundation IS this question. The #CatalyzeCourage Summit (hosted by InHerShoes) will bring together high school girls with professional women from diverse industries and backgrounds to provide a safe space and launchpad for the girls’ freedom of expression, assertion of passion and pursuit of possibility in every aspect of their lives.

Many of these girls are either first generation students, from underprivileged backgrounds, or are receiving significant amounts of financial aid to pursue their education.


It’s an incredibly exciting day and you can read more about the Summit and how you can attend here.

So looking forward to seeing your answer to the 1% question!

Supporting you in being more YOU today.

With loving,

PS: Operation Feel Good 2015 is coming up! If you want to join in the fun and be a secret agent spreading joy, hop on the waitlist here.

By: Amber Krzys

On the Other Side of Your Body & Money Story

I was recently talking with a client who courageously shared with me how uncomfortable she is talking about money. How when it comes to the point in a conversation where it’s time to share her fees – she feels herself shrink and freeze.

I so get it. That used to be me. In fact, I suspect that’s probably a lot of us.

Money is such a complex and taboo topic. We play such an interesting dance with it in our culture. We are programmed not to talk about it. So, we learn to keep how much we make, how much owe, how much we have, to ourselves.

Which would be fine – except this includes keeping our money story to ourselves as well. All of our judgments, beliefs and fears about money end up bottled up inside too – which likely creates a misunderstanding inside that ends up getting in our way – especially when we are trying to make more money!

This misunderstanding is where the issue, or better stated, the opportunity resides.

The story I’m about to share may not seem related to money, but I promise you it very much is – if you hang in with me.

Back in 2008 I set out to see if it was possible to love the body I was given. I’d spent 20 years hating the skin I was in – participating in diet program after diet program – only to end up feeling disappointed, angry and like a failure.

For the first time in my life, I was open to something completely different. A new approach – one that wasn’t about changing my body, but was about appreciating and accepting the body I had.

This was not an easy decision. Inside of myself I had collected 20 years worth of evidence proving there was something wrong with my body – so setting out on this new path felt scary and impossible. And, at the same time, I knew I needed to change. I was so tired of the results I was getting – of the life I was living. So, I was willing to try. I was finally ready to take new and different action.

I spent a year in inquiry – getting to know my body. I slowed way down. What did she want? What did she need? What foods made her feel best? What exercise? Did she trust me to care for her?

I started to think of myself as being in relationship with my body. Then I started to get really curious about what that means. What does a successful relationship look like and how I could I bring that to my relationship with my body?

What I discovered change my life forever. The result was/is more peace, joy, freedom and confidence – not only in my body, but in my life. This concept is now one of the foundational principles of bodyheart.

So, what does this have to do with money…

Let’s fast forward a couple years when I found myself $44,000 in credit card debt. (Hello panic!) It was the end of 2012 and I was feeling hopeless and helpless when it came to money. It seemed like no matter what I tried, my struggle with money was ever present. I never had enough.

And, given that money is a subject we don’t talk about, I was harboring a lot of shame and judgment about myself. I felt like a fraud. If you looked me up online, it looked like I was doing really well – and yet, I had this dirty little secret.

I found myself constantly asking, “how did I get here?” I wasn’t spending frivolously. I was simply trying to make ends meet – but, I never seemed to have enough money.

Can you see a theme here? One similar to my body story?

In this case, I had collected evidence to prove how awful I was with money, how money was never there for me, and how struggle just seemed to be a part of my DNA. This was my story – and I was tired of it.

I remember emailing my coach after having a windfall of money – for the first time in my life I made almost $20K in two months from my own services, only to have that money “taken” away due to unexpected home and car repairs.

In my email to her, I was so angry. I found myself saying: “Why does this always happen to me? Just when I feel like I’m getting ahead something like this happens to take it all away.”

I will never forget her response…she said: Dearest Amber: Have you ever considered applying a treatment plan to your relationship to money – similar to the way you did with your body?

O.M.G. I was floored.

That had never occurred to me. It never entered my consciousness that I was replaying the same pattern – instead of my body being the enemy, it was now money.

So, I went back to what I knew…

I again started by slowing way down and paying attention. I spent time with myself and got curious about money. What were my judgments about it? What did I learn about it growing up? What did I make it mean about me? What did I make my debt mean about me? What did money need from me? What did I expect from it?

Internally, all these irrational beliefs came to the forefront in the most beautiful way, and I got to see them, be with them and ultimately heal them.

At the same time, I started taking new and different action externally. Instead of practicing denial – which I was pretty much mastering when it came to my debt – I started facing it. I made a regular practice of looking at it – appreciating it for all the value it provided. I did the same for the money in my checking account.

I started to care about money the way I cared for my dogs or my body. I started to treat money with respect and more like a friend than an enemy.

I was so committed to healing my money story and experiencing true abundance that I made what felt like a HUGE investment at the time – I joined my first coaching group designed to support me in growing my coaching business. It was the biggest leap I had made in my life in a long time – and it was 1000% worth it.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but that decision pretty much put an end to my story of struggle. I chose to work with women who had thriving practices and were financially successful so they could teach me exactly how to create that for myself. I didn’t have to figure it out on my own – I just had to follow their leadership and guidance.

I had no idea how that program would impact my life. Before the six month group completed, I cracked six figures! And am set to double that by the end of this year.

I feel like a whole new woman – because in a way I am. I have a whole new operating system inside.

Changes like this require internal and external action – a mindset shift AND a behavioral shift. I was so ready, willing and committed to this change on every level. And, what I’ve learned along the way has been mind-blowing.

I now have a deep experience of my own resourcefulness. I know I will never have to worry about money ever again. And, that is priceless.

I have a new understanding of what it means to be of service. In the past my idea of service involved self-sacrifice – that I was supposed to give even though I wasn’t meeting my own needs. Now, I so clearly see how much more I can really help someone – how much more fun it is – when I take care of my own needs first.

I’ve let go of pleasing and trying to get people to like me. I’ve let go of this idea that I’m taking advantage of someone by inviting them to work with me. I am confident in my fees and the value my clients receive when we work together. And, I’ve learned what it means to be a true leader in my business and life.

Choosing to invest in myself and in my business was the catalyst to this transformation – which I am beyond grateful for. The gifts from that decision continue to unfold. And, for me, transformation is so much richer when it’s shared with others. When there’s an opportunity to support someone else in experiencing the freedom that I’ve experienced…

Which is why I am inspired to lead my first ever coaching group for professional women in the Coaching Immersion Adventure – or, the CIA. (I love spy movies and always wanted to be a part of the CIA – so, now I am. Plus, I like to infuse fun into everything I do!)

This group is designed for 10 female coaches who are ready to build a thriving practice, heal their money story and reframe their relationship with service and leadership – so they can make a bigger impact on the world.

There are only 5 spaces left.

If this program speaks to you and you feel inspired to learn more, email for more information and next steps. I’m committed to talking deeply with everyone who’s interested in this group – and only offer spaces to those who will truly get value from participating.

I share this personal experience for your inspiration – to remind you of what’s really possible when we are ready to choose it. 

With loving,

By: Amber Krzys

Sydney Bristow’s got nothin’ on YOU!

The last few weeks have been full of such goodness.

I spoke at Southeast Missouri State University and Penn State University.

IMG_3987 IMG_3993

Such incredible students at each event. Next week I’m headed to Virginia Wesleyan College, and then settling in for Thanksgiving. I still can’t believe it’s just around the corner!

My favorite event was for me. It was spending the day with Danielle LaPorte and her friends – Linda Silverstein and Justine Musk, as well as a group of highly-motivated, loving women.


My heart left feeling so full and alive – like anything is possible. Because, anything is possible. (2015 is all about my book. I am finally courageous enough to make it happen!)

To quote “This is Where I Leave You”, one of my new favorite movies:

“Anything can happen. Anything happens everyday.” (Tweet It!)

Slow down for a moment and really take that in. Anything can happen. Anything happens everyday.

This means YOU can create anything you want – as long as you get out of your own way. The latter is the tricky part for all of us.

Which is why I’ve created something to support you in doing that – getting out of your own way. It’s super fun, free and inspired by one of my all-time favorite shows – Alias!

It’s called Operation Feel Good. I launched the first mission last spring and had such a blast that I’ve decided to bring it back for a special Holiday Mission this year.


Basically for 15 days, you become an agent for feeling good and spreading joy. And, you get entered to win prizes for it too! Pretty cool, right?

There’s zero pitching or selling in this experience. It’s truly a gift from my heart to yours.

To learn more and sign up, click here.

I can’t wait to see you over there.

With love,

By: Amber Krzys

Let’s break the rules, shall we?!

Over the weekend I assisted my coaches at a workshop they led for professional women.


These three days were powerful and transformative. The women who attended got so much value, including myself.

One of the exercises they shared I found particularly poignant – so much so that it has inspired to me break some rules! I love breaking rules, don’t you?! 

In essence the exercise is asking yourself two questions:

In order to have what I want, what do I need to do more of?
In order to have what I want, what do I need to do less of?

Obviously, the first step is dreaming into and getting clear on what it is you want and then from there, answering the questions.

Given this weekend was about work, here’s some of what I wrote:


Trusting MySelf & My Inner Guidance
Making Requests / Submissions
Writing (for my book!)
Connecting and Serving / Being Out in the World
Following what’s Fun


Beating Myself Up

In reviewing these lists, and choosing to honor myself and my values, I have decided to make a change in my email correspondence to you. In the past I did my very best to connect with you every Wednesday.

Starting today, I’m only going to write when I have something I really want to share with you. Something I consider highly valuable, inspiring, transformative and so on. 

I’m no longer committing to a particular day of the week or frequency, like all the online business gurus say to do. Nope. I’m doing what feels good to me – and trusting that is the most powerful choice I can make.

I’m giving myself permission to break the rules.

Now, it’s your turn. I invite you to slow down today and consider what you want – in your life, in your work, in your relationship, in your body, etc. In a way, the more specific the better.

Then, ask yourself the two questions above – What do you need to do more of and then less of to have what you want?

Feel free to share your lists in the comments below.

I hope this process is as impactful for you as it has been for me.

See you sometime soon, I’m sure.

With love,

By: Amber Krzys

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