My Full Circle Moment!

Warning: This post was incredibly uncomfortable to share. It’s very personal and vulnerable. I share it with the intention to inspire and support you in living more fully into what’s possible – for all of us. 

I just returned from an amazing trip to New York City.

What’s unusual about this trip was that it was NOT business related at all. It was a treat to myself for my birthday.


I stayed at a fancy hotel with a view of Central Park. I saw shows, saw friends, went to brunch, walked leisurely through Central Park, went shopping…AND paid for it all by myself.

That felt incredible.

In fact, when I checked into my room and looked out the window – directly across from me was the building where I temped at a law firm when I lived in NYC 13 years ago.


I was a struggling actress working a day job barely making $20K per year…dreaming of living the “good” life.

And, now, here I was (am). Living. That. Dream. Consistently making in a month what I was making in a year then.

How cool is that? This is a full circle moment.

You may be surprised to know that just a mere 18 months ago I couldn’t have treated myself in this way. I was in major credit card debt ($30K), constantly trying to get out from under that weight and pressure. I was trying to take my business to the next level, pay my mortgage, serve others, live a joy-filled life…all the while struggling and hating myself for getting into that position.

I felt cursed. Often hopeless and definitely like a fraud.

So, what turned it around? Three things actually.


I had been working a part-time job two days a week for a number of years – earning enough to cover my basic necessities. It was my security. It was money I knew I had every month. And that gave me a sense of peace…but it also gave me a lot of frustration.

It wasn’t what I wanted to be doing. It was mindless work that took me away from what I really wanted to be doing – helping others through bodyheart.

In reality, it was my crutch. It allowed me to continue to play out the belief that I couldn’t do it on my own. That I was not capable.

The image I like to use to describe these years:

It was like I was a bird trying to take flight. My right wing flapping like crazy trying to get off the ground – wondering “Why can’t I fly? What am I doing wrong?”. Only to look around (a few years later) and discover that my left wing was holding firmly to the ground. Afraid to let go.

When I realized this, I knew it was time to go. It was time to take the leap and commit in full to bodyheart. To be ALL in.

This was terrifying for me… BUT I figured, if I failed miserably, the worst that would happen is I’d have to move home and live with my parents. Not ideal, but I wouldn’t be out on the street.

And, at the very least, I would know I had given it my all…and it just wasn’t meant to be.

Fortunately, that is not the case. Turns out, taking that leap was one of the absolute best decisions of my entire life. I now get to do what I love and serve fully in my practice – be it with my private clients, group clients, speaking gigs, on this blog and more.

Let me be clear – I am not advocating you leave your “day” job. This is my journey and I’m sharing what supported me.

Let me also be clear, that leaving that job wasn’t the trick. It was only the first step. The next and probably most impactful was…


This was another really scary moment for me. How could I justify paying to work with a coach when I was being “eaten alive” by credit card interest rates and high balances? How could I possibly do that?

Deep down, the real question was – how could I NOT do that?

I had done all I knew to get bodyheart to where it was at that point, so if I wanted it to be even better, I needed additional support. I bit the bullet and paid the fee to start working with a coach.

Another decision that fits into the “Best Decision Ever” category.

I’m serious. Through working with my coach I started to understand my own value. I formed a new relationship with money. I started to understand what it meant to be a leader and how to truly serve others. In fact, I experienced a whole different level of what service really means and looks like.

Powerful. So powerful that I am continuing to work with my coach now.

The last and final step for my upgrade on life was and continues to be…


I didn’t really love this one – especially in the beginning. This one was/is about taking action that feels uncomfortable. Doing the things that you don’t feel good at. The things that feel scary.

This is another reason why working with a coach is so valuable. Working with my coach, I had to do it. And when I was afraid I couldn’t, I had someone else guiding me, reminding me I could do it and that it would get easier.

This may surprise you, but I was very afraid of working with clients 1:1 in the beginning. It felt heavy and far more intimate than what I thought I could handle. I mean, who was I to work with someone that deeply? Who was I to think I had the capabilities to support someone at that level?

Looking back now, I laugh. Oh the silly things we tell ourselves to keep us safe & playing small!

Turns out I absolutely LOVE working with people one-on-one. Supporting them in bridging the gap from where they are to where they want to be.

I adore my clients. It’s an honor and a privilege to know them and support them in such a deep, intimate way.

But, I never would’ve known that had I not taken new and different action – and kept doing taking new and different action. Even when it was highly uncomfortable.

Upleveling your life isn’t for the weak and weary. It takes commitment, determination and support. (Tweet It Out!)

If you are in a moment of struggle – be it with your own career or finances or weight or relationship, are you willing to give yourself a glimmer of hope from my story? More importantly, are you willing to take on one or all of the steps I share above?

Tell me in the comments. I want to hear from you. What struck you most from reading this blog? What new and different action can you take today? How can you be ALL IN in whatever you are wanting?

As always, I appreciate you and so value your presence in this community.

With loving,

ps - Do you know about bodyheart for business owners? If you own a business or want to own one, this is a place where I share some of my favorite resources and learnings from building bodyheart. Check it out here. It’s free.

By: Amber Krzys

You May Not Know This About Me…

I am a pole dancer.


It’s true. I have been for almost six years. Not professionally. Just for myself.

I reserve 2 hours a week for a date with myself – in a dark room with red lights and a pulsating beat where I am surrounded by the feminine. A sisterhood of women of all different shapes, sizes & ages showing up for one reason only – to turn ourselves on.

Now, NOT in the sense our society likes to reference with that phrase. When I say to turn ourselves on, I mean to light up. To feel alive. To connect. To heal.

This method of movement I take is called S Factor and was instrumental in my healing process with my body. The walls of that studio offered me so much support and, quite honestly, changed my life.

This is why I am incredibly honored to share Sheila Kelley, founder of S Factor herself, with you on our blog today. I invite you to get quiet, take in her words of wisdom, celebrate her in the comments and – if you feel so called – join me at her event in August. I will be there and would love nothing more than to connect and share in this experience with you.

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I Hate It…Being a Girl



One of my favorite TV shows, Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance, is back on. I love it because movement is my bliss. Elevating the masculine and the feminine is my bliss. Seeing women and men dancing their bliss is perfection for me.

The gorgeous Christina Applegate was a guest judge during the auditions on the June 4th episode. A beautiful young girl named Dani Platz was filmed auditioning for the show. Before Dani performed her raw, ravishing, radiant dance, the cameras followed her as she told a personal story of her struggle with body image and an eating disorder. When the cameras cut back to Christina Applegate sitting at the judges’ panel, she whispered to the judge sitting next to her, “I hate it…just…being a girl. It’s hard.”

Amen, sister.

It’s hard being a woman. I used to hate my body too. When we as women hate our bodies, we judge and punish them, sometimes in indirect ways, like a silent disapproval, and other times in more direct ways, like an eating disorder.

I studied dance in college and my dance teacher used to tell us, “Your body is your temple, treat it that way.” That never resonated with me. It didn’t cause a mental shift, because all I could think was that my body is not an old building with straight lines and cold stone. No, my body is soft and circular, warm and flowing. My body to me, was more like a child. So I switched that image in my mind from a temple to a child.


Your body is a child, treat it that way.

I’m a mother of two, a girl and a boy. I’m a lioness who’s fiercely protective of her cubs. I want them to eat the best foods. I want them to live full lives. I want them to be loving, creative, challenged, passionate, awakened and happy. These are the same things I want for myself, for my body, and for my life.

My body is my child and everything I do and say can harm her or empower her. (Tweet It Out!) This knowledge caused me to experience a shift that awakened me to the power of the feminine. Because a woman’s body is inherently loving, creative, challenged, passionate, awakened and happy. Look at little girls at play. It isn’t until we get older that we learn to hate our bodies.


Right now, in this moment, I frickin’ love being a woman. I love my body. I love my emotions. I love my lumps and bumps, scars and cycles, vulnerabilities and feelings. I love being a woman so much I’ve dedicated my life to helping other women fall in love with their bodies through movement I call, S Factor. S for the natural round, curvy, circular shape of a woman’s body. A shape I’ve learned to embrace at any size, every weight, and any age. A shape that empowers me because I have experienced a shift that has awakened me to the knowledge that I am empowered by it.

Are you struggling to change your perception of your body? Are you dying to feel love for yourself? Have you been searching your entire life for a way to permanently shift your thinking as a woman, from judgment to love? Have you been beating your head up against a wall searching for that love externally? Only to find that you don’t measure up to magazines and celebrities and social pressure and stigma?

Like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, you need only click your heels to unlock the power of the feminine. How do you click your heels?

You dance, of course!

When your feminine body moves naturally, she defines beauty and all judgment recedes. This is why dance is such a revered art form. This is why dance helped Dani Platz from So You Think You Can Dance find her way back into her body again.

SFactor Retreat-17

The feminine body is a gift. That’s what I’ve discovered. Movement has given me love of, compassion for, and pride in my body – something I never imagined I would evolve to.

Whatever you’re doing today, schedule a moment of movement. Whether it’s a dance in front of your mirror as you get ready, dancing with your kids as they play in the backyard, or something more…sexy. Shake what your momma gave you!


Every day the world decides for women what sexy is and what sexy isn’t. Time for a new world, baby! The world of Sheila Kelley Live 2014! Where every woman will be cherished, nurtured, and celebrated. Global femme leader, Sheila Kelley, is credited with changing the lives of over 10,000 women worldwide through her S Factor method. Powerful women like Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres and Martha Stewart have brought Sheila Kelley S Factor to their audiences. The world’s leading self-help gurus, including Tony Robbins, have referenced Sheila’s S Factor movement as a way to transform your life, and Sheila’s groundbreaking TEDx talk has almost 300,000 YouTube views. The next opportunity to learn from Sheila will be at Sheila Kelley Live 2014, August 2 & 3 in California - an empowering, 2-day transformation event for woman of all ages, shapes and sizes. No judgment. Only love. You will fall in love with S Factor’s fitness and philosophy essentials designed by a woman, for women. Get ready to live more freely in your body, feel more radiant, and attract your life’s passion. Experience potent, powerful, ever-lasting and eternal feminine magic that will take your breath away. Sheila Kelley Live 2014


By: Amber Krzys

Ever feel like you’re not part of the “in” crowd?

It may surprise you, but I feel that way more often than I’d like to admit. I’m actually more introverted than you may think.

In the video below I share a story of how I went from feeling insecure and not a part of the “in” crowd to fully embracing myself. See what caused my shift below.

Who knows who you may save by simply having the courage to be yourself. (Click to Tweet Yo!)

In the comments below I invite you to share your own stories of embracing your truth. Did someone support you the way they did in my story? Or, did you support someone else that way?

Tell me below.

With loving,

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By: Amber Krzys

Progress Involves Risk

I finally did it. I am all moved into my new place and officially set up in my office – which I love so much. (See below. Ain’t she a beaut?)


One of the things I love the most is the quote on the wall:

“Progress involves risk. You can’t steal second base and keep your foot on first.” – Frederick Wilcox (Tweet It Out Yo!)

I’m not even a huge sports fan, but to me, this quote represents the process we all go through as we claim the life of our dreams.

Many of us want all the cards lined up before we leap. We want to know how it’s gonna turn out.

Are we gonna make it to second base? If so, how quickly? By a landslide or just barely making it? Or will we make it at all?

We try to figure it all out so it feels safe. And that defeats the purpose. 

Progress involves risk. That’s it’s nature. Making more money, putting yourself back out into the dating world, losing weight and getting healthy – require RISK.

The more we can anticipate and embrace that risk, the better we can respond when it shows up. For risk’s loyal counterpart is fear. Fear of failure. Fear of rejection. Fear of success.

And when we anticipate those showing up – we can work with them instead of against them. We can still hold our center and not waiver.

Today I invite you to take a look at your own life. Are you risking? My coach calls this living at your edge. For it is here that life is fully lived.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments. Where are you currently risking in your world? How can you amp it up? And, if you discover you have become comfortable and complacent, what can you do to progress?

Looking forward to seeing what you share.

With loving,

ps - I am making a special announcement to the Rock Your Body Challenge VIP List next week. I’m only sharing it with them. If you want to hear what it’s all about, hop on the list here.

pps – Do you know about bodyheart for business owners? If you own a business or want to own one, this is a place where I share some of my favorite resources and learnings from building bodyheart. Check it out here. It’s free.

By: Amber Krzys

Luxury or Necessity?

I’m back from my European adventure! Well, kinda.

I got in late last night and am spending today adjusting back to regular life. I set this up intentionally before I left – a gift of a day of nothing. Full white space on the calendar, instead of jumping right back in.

I find this incredibly valuable for my health on ALL levels… and I invite you to try it after you return from your next holiday. 

As magical as this trip has been, it has also provided some powerful lessons – especially around the importance of unplugging and taking time to just be. I’m still processing all of this and will most definitely be sharing more with you in the upcoming weeks.

For today, I wanted to tell you about a decision I made while away. This decision may sound simple or silly to you, but it really wasn’t to me.

I’ve decided to learn French!


No big deal on the surface. YET, if you go a little deeper, there’s a whole world of learning.

See, I’ve always wanted to learn a language other than English - BUT, I never made it important enough to do something about it. There always seemed to be a more pressing priority in the way. Something in my business or just the regular grind of life.

Taking on the project of learning a new language felt like a luxury instead of a necessity. Can you relate?

What’s that about? Why is it that something that causes our heart to sing – and get excited about life – feels like a luxury?

I love learning new things and yet, I don’t often give myself permission to do them. Some things on my list are:

French (and Italian!)
Rock Climbing
Salsa Dancing
Writing a Book
& more!

Today, I’m giving myself permission to take on one of these projects – along with all the fears and excitement and reward that comes with it. I’ve decided that my heart projects are just as important as paying my bills and walking my dogs.

In fact, I suspect they are even MORE important.

I’m curious about what’s on your list? What’s inside of you that you are putting on hold because it doesn’t feel important enough? Because it feels like a luxury?

I invite you to share your heart-project list in the comments below and maybe even give yourself permission to take on one of them today too.

Why not? Life is short – so take this as a nudge to live more fully who you are.

I’m so excited to see your heart projects and celebrate them with you.


ps - I am making a special announcement to the Rock Your Body Challenge VIP List in the next few weeks. I’m only sharing it with them. If you want to hear what it’s all about, hop on the list here.

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By: Amber Krzys

Today’s blog has been kidnapped!


Have you ever felt like you were trying SO hard to get your body to change?

Whether you wanted to lose weight, gain more energy or just feel more confident in your skin, have you felt like you were doing EVERYTHING you could possibly think of, including going to extremes, and still not seeing results?

Maybe you have been at the point where the thought of exercise just feels so overwhelming slash boring slash pointless.

Plus, you’re busy. Who wants to spend precious time doing something you hate?

I want to share a personal story with you about my body, how incredibly frustrated I was with it and the ONE thing I realized I was doing wrong.

I am also going to share how you can move your body in a way that doesn’t put you under scrutiny or pressure every time you slip on a pair of lulu lemon wonderunders.

Growing up, I danced. A lot.

I did it every day after school, I majored in it in college in a conservatory type program and I did it professionally for a few years after college. I loved it.

But starting in my late teen years into my twenties, things went sideways.

I started doing everything I could to get my body to look and behave a certain way. I restricted my diet to the minimal amount of food I needed to survive (an orange and a small carton of milk for lunch) and when I wasn’t in dance class, I pushed myself to go to the gym and workout.

And while it didn’t appear that I had a whole lot of weight to lose, it felt like I was carrying hundreds of extra pounds around because of the pressure. To say that I was hard on myself was an under statement.

But when I was 19 years old, my mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I watched her go through chemo, loose her hair and experience the dips that come along with it all.

However, I also watched her rise up like a warrior princess.

She incorporated meditation, tai chi, and a healthier diet into her regime.

What was most incredible was how she treated herself. She would allow herself days of rest, even a pity party or two. But shortly after, she would paint on her eyebrows, throw on her hat and head out into the world with conviction.

When asked how she was doing, she would say, “I’m doing great. And getting better every day.” And she meant it.

My mom’s healthy vibrant cells won out over ovarian cancer. (They won again over breast cancer six years later! Can I get an AMEN!?)

I learned that she did not win because she beat, prodded, forced, or made herself do anything.

She worked WITH her body and was kind to herself, every step of the way.

When I finally took on this approach in my own life, not only did my body change, but my whole life changed. The extra pounds I hung onto melted away. The self-criticism that spilled into other areas of my life was transformed to a sweet, steady voice reminding that I am doing pretty damn good.

If you’re looking to make radical changes with your body, whether it’s to heal, lose weight or even train for a marathon, it starts with radical kindness and compassion. (Tweet it yo!)

You can’t beat yourself into submission.
You can’t beg your body to cooperate.
You can’t look in the mirror and say, “I hate you thighs!” and then expect your thighs to want to work with you.

But there are a few things you CAN do. Things that will support not just your body, but your entire being.

Here are a few ways to support your body that will have a dramatic effect on how you feel, but do not include a 6 mile run, Insanity, or 30 days of Bikram yoga. (All of these things can be great, but let’s face it, they can also be hell.)

1. Get on the love train.

We choose our thoughts. You can’t get to destination I love my body by riding the I can’t stand my ______ (insert body part) train. That train ride will only lead to one place: where it is dark and murky and the sun rarely shines.
It starts with love and absolute appreciation for what you are able to do today.

Do whatever it takes to make appreciation for what you can do your primary thoughts. You might have to slow down to access these thoughts, or you might need to ramp it up, but be determined to catch that love train.

2. Act like a stripper.

Alright, I realize this sounds a little risqué, but hear me out. Try turning down the lights in your room and putting on the sexiest music you can find. (I am a huge fan of Miguel. Songs 1-5 is plenty to do the job.)

Do your best Showgirls impression and start with all your clothes on. One by one, slowly, remove a piece at a time. Let your mind relax. Let yourself get turned on. If you like the idea, go ahead and act as if you have full control over whoever is watching. This kind of movement can feel empowering, freeing and help you connect to that divine feminine energy.

3. Set a new intention with an old workout.

Instead of jumping on the treadmill or into a class with the intention that you have to burn off the calories you ate the day before, try something different.

Try sweating with the intention that you are going to access your power. Intend that you are going to open your heart. You are going to heal. You are going to shine. You are going to become more of who you are meant to be.

This philosophy can be applied to any kind of physical activity you’re doing.

The more you sweat with love, the easier it becomes to be loving even when you are not exercising. This new behavior changes your brain chemistry, which, without doubt, spills into all areas of your life.

4. Join me in the Say it, Sweat it, Get it Shrink Session FREE Challenge.

Here is my plug and my promise to you. Over the course of a week, I am going to be giving you super short video workouts that incorporate mantras, music and movement. The mantras are designed to inspire you and lift you up, mind, body and spirit.

I will show you how a little sweat every day goes a long way and if you make it FUN and MEANINGFUL, your results will come even faster. No dear friend, you don’t have to go to extremes.


Check out the video I made for you. I would LOVE to have you join me and hundreds of other women in this MOVEMENT.

And one thing I want you to always remember:
Movement in your body WILL CREATE movement in your life.



Erin’s mission is to inspire, educate and empower people in a fun, entertaining, tell it like it is way. She is the founder of Shrink Session and lifestyle and fitness expert for the website. She has appeared on Gaim’s Dance Core Cross Train video, The Today Show, The Dr. Oz Show, CW11 and Learn more about Erin here.

By: Amber Krzys

A Special Mother’s Day Video for You.

Today, I’m celebrating early. I’m not only celebrating my mom (see below – aren’t we cute!), but I’m also celebrating the mother within all of us.


In the video below I share another way to view Mother’s Day and offer an invitation for you to cherish someone else on this day as well.

Head’s up – Important parts to pay attention to:

1:40 Powerful exercise
2:00 Story about a client using the exercise
2:54 My personal “ugly” story & how I used the exercise to support myself

Some good stuff awaits. Click play to watch below.

Here is my “ugly” photo – I mention in the video. [FYI - I don't think it's (I'm) ugly anymore. That's the power of healing.]

In the comments below, I invite you to share your experience, learnings and next actions with us.

Thank you for reading and sharing.

With loving,

By: Amber Krzys

Let’s talk about “perfect” eating, shall we?

I suspect some of you reading this are very rule oriented about food – “I should eat this because it’s good for me and I shouldn’t eat that because it’s bad for me.” Always fighting to reach an ideal of “perfect” eating.

It’s like  we have this fantasy that each day we will eat only nutritious foods without any added treats – no chocolate or wine or oatmeal cookie. Only green juice, kale, steamed veggies, tempeh, grilled fish, eggs, etc. We’ll drink plenty of water, meditate, get in our exercise and go to bed early.

And, each day we don’t fulfill this fantasy we feel like a failure.

I’ve certainly been there in my past…striving to eat perfect and be perfect. And this week the topic came up with a private coaching client, as well as from one of our group members in Feel Good in Your Bikini.

Both were questioning if it was possible to stop controlling their food and allow themselves to enjoy it.


The “perfect” eating model (aka fantasy) gets in the way of this. Which is why I pose the question:

Can you allow yourself to be perfect today? Perfect now, in all your imperfections.

When you see yourself (or your body or relationship with food) as broken, then that automatically makes you want to fix it. And fixing it requires tremendous effort, discipline and rules – according to our culture and your Ego.

In reality, there is NOTHING wrong with you. Your essence is perfect because your essence is love. The issue links to the actions that we take – from the motivation of “I need fixing” – that causes the problem.

What if there were no problem? What if there were no such thing as perfect eating? What if perfect eating included a donut, chocolate chip cookie or French fries?

I have a feeling some of you are thinking – “What? A donut can’t be included in a perfect diet.”

Well – you may just think differently when I share my diet with you. Yesterday morning I had a gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free [NOT calorie-free] muffin. (FYI – If you’ve been reading my blog for a bit, you know I’ve been working with a doctor and have changed my diet due to food allergies – thus the gluten, dairy & soy-free choice.)

For a snack I had a handful of potato chips and some sliced turkey. For lunch I had a big salad, followed by grilled fish and veggies for dinner with a couple pieces of dark chocolate for dessert. I may have even indulged in a little glass of red wine.

Head’s up: There was a time in my life when I would’ve beaten myself up for eating that way – and that doesn’t happen anymore. Mostly because I’ve learned that beating myself up after the fact doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t take away what I’ve done. So that becomes wasted energy and wasted time.

Instead, I’ve decided I can have what I want when I want it. For the most part, I make healthy choices and allow myself to savor my food and enjoy it without going overboard.

The secret is in learning to listen to your body.

I have learned to listen to my body and now trust her to tell me when I’ve gone too far in one direction or the other. And, she does. She speaks through bloating and gas. She speaks through allergy symptoms and general feelings of being tired. And, when she talks, I listen.

I thank her for signaling what she needs and I move forward in partnership with her.

Over time, what I have learned is that it’s possible to change how you are relating to food and your body. It’s possible to shift from the “good food / bad food” paradigm to one of freedom and joy.

It doesn’t happen overnight. At least, it didn’t for me…but it did happen. And, the result was/is I’m much kinder to myself now, especially when it comes to my body and eating – which is why I teach what I teach in my programs.

Shifting from the perfection paradigm takes time and commitment. It’s probably been a part of your life for a long time. It doesn’t want to let go and take a step back. Yet, each time you honor yourself and your body, that perfection mentality gets smaller and smaller and the freedom & loving part of you gets bigger and bigger. (Click to Tweet!)

What are some ways you can support yourself in letting go of the “perfect” eating fantasy today? How can you shift to more freedom and joy when it comes to food?

I invite you to share in the comments below.

Thank you for reading and sharing.

With loving,

By: Amber Krzys

A powerful (& personal) lesson on “I can’t”…

For a few months I’ve been working with a new doctor on some health challenges I’ve been experiencing. (Nothing major. Just playing detective and getting to the root cause of some things.)

Through testing, I discovered that I am allergic to gluten, dairy, soy and a few other things. So, a couple weeks ago I went cold turkey and cut those out of my diet, right along with caffeine.

I’m not gonna lie – it was hard and painful! And, my sweet body reacted big time during the detox. I was weak and tired with terrible migraines and nausea.

The day that I felt the worst, I looked at my schedule and realized I had three really important meetings. I thought: “I can’t cancel them. It’s so disrespectful to cancel them now at such short notice. I’ll just have to rally and get through it.”

Then I paused… and rewound those thoughts. I got curious about those thoughts.

Were they really true? Could I really NOT cancel my plans? Who was telling me I couldn’t cancel them? I was…so why couldn’t I change them?

When I got real with myself – who would I possibly be serving in the state I was in? How would I really be able to make a difference or access my creativity?

I mean, I was curled up by the toilet (TMI? Sorry.) – that’s how sick I was!

And, here came the lesson: I could choose I CAN.


It may sound silly to you, but this was huge for me. I have been a doer in my life – pushing myself to meet the demands at hand. It never occurred to me that not only could I cancel, but that that might be the absolute best thing for everyone involved.

I felt a tremendous sense of relief. I gave myself permission to say “ I CAN cancel all my plans and just rest today. I CAN reschedule them when I feel better. I CAN take care of myself and my body.”

It was an incredibly liberating moment. And, as I basked in the freedom and relief, I found myself thinking of you. Do you often tell yourself you can’t do something because it will disappoint others? Or because it would mean you weren’t keeping your commitments? Or because you don’t have the skills or credentials?

Let me serve as a big, bold reminder today that that way of thinking is limiting you. It’s shutting you off and shutting you down. You can give yourself permission to choose anything – I can’t or I can. It all comes from inside of you. That is the point of power.

You’ll be happy to know that each meeting I mentioned got rescheduled quickly and easily and that NO ONE was upset in the process. Everyone actually understood. Pretty amazing, right?

I’m so grateful to my body and that pain for this powerful lesson. I appreciate my willingness to pause and get curious about the story I was telling myself in that moment.

This is something available to all of us. Just because something’s in our mind doesn’t mean it’s true. (Click to Tweet!) I encourage you to press the pause button and rewind button and get curious about what’s going on in your head. I imagine there’s some really good learnings available for you there too.

In the comments below, I invite you to share your thoughts on this story – especially if it rings true for you. If you are a doer and worried you’ll disappoint others all the time. What lesson might be available to you in the “I can’t” / “I can”?

Thank you for reading and sharing.

With loving,

By: Amber Krzys

Gabby Bernstein is taking over…

Today this blog has been kidnapped by the lovely, Spirit Junkie herself, Gabby Bernstein.

In celebration of her latest soon-to-be best selling book, Miracles Now, I’ve invited her to share a little more about her journey from addict to miracle maker. Below in our interview you’ll learn some of her self-care routine, advice on how to put yourself first, as well as her story and the reason she wrote Miracles Now.

Q+A with Gabby B!

A: I know self-care is incredibly important to you. Are you willing to share a little bit of what your day-to-day self-care routine looks like?

G: I make self-care a high priority. For me self-care includes not eating sugar, taking lots of baths, wearing my sweatpants for as long as possible. Sleep is also a huge part of how I care for myself. I believe sleep is a spiritual practice.

My number one self-care practice is meditation. For the past decade I’ve meditated every single day.


A: Do you think honoring your self-care routine has allowed you more space for creativity? Did it assist you in writing your newest book or any of your previous?

G: Absolutely! If I don’t take care of myself then I will be stressed out. Stress is what blocks creativity and inspiration. Therefore, I make self-care a high priority whenever I’m creating something new in my life. If my energy is vibrant than the creative force can move through me effortlessly.

A: At lot of my readers are women who are seeking more fulfillment and joy and are struggling with putting themselves first. What advice would you give them?

G: Learn how to say NO! My best friend Latham Thomas always says, “No is a complete sentence.” It’s very easy to get caught up in the behavior of people pleasing, which inevitably leads to burnout. Begin a practice of saying no with love. Don’t be afraid that you’ll let people down. Trust that the more you honor your own needs the more energy you will have to support others.


A: Can you share a little bit of your journey – how it led to where you are now – with us?

G: In my early twenties I ran a nightlife PR firm in NYC. On the outside everything looked great, but on the inside I was a mess. I was seeking happiness, security and self-worth outside of myself. I regularly stayed up till 5 or 6 a.m. partying, and thanks to cocaine I weighed about 98 pounds. My friends had tried an intervention, but it didn’t work. Then, one night, I finally let it go. I wrote in my journal, “I need help. God, Universe, whoever is out there … I surrender.” The next morning, October 2, 2005, I woke up to a loud inner voice that said, “Get clean and you’ll have everything you want.” I knew I had no other choice than to listen.

I am happy it happened the way it did. I found God in my own way. I got clean. My conscious surrender was when I asked for help in my journal. I received an answer right away, and I have been sober since that day. I was desperately looking for happiness, and I was seeking everything good—peace and happiness—outside of myself.

For the past eight years I’ve been on a powerful journey inward, expanding my intuition and shifting my perceptions of the world. Through my own personal journey I have been guided to teach others to do the same.

A: Tell us about your new book, Miracles Now.

G: I love this book and I’m so psyched to share it with you. Miracles Now helps readers lessen stress and find peace—FAST! I handpicked 108 techniques to combat our most common problems—from addiction and anxiety to burnout and resentment. The exercises are inspired by some of my greatest spiritual teachings. Throughout the book, I offer up spirit-based principles, meditations and practical tools to help readers bust through blocks to live with more ease. I break down each technique Spirit Junkie style—with meditations, assessment questions and step-by-step guidance—while incorporating lessons from the metaphysical text A Course in Miracles and Kundalini yoga. This book is meant for the busy, stressed person who simply wants to feel better fast. 

A: How is Miracles Now different from all of your other books?

G: Each of my books has a unique format but a shared intention, which is to offer readers tools for releasing all the blocks to their true happiness and peace. Miracles Now shares that core intention through 108 short exercises that can be done anywhere, any time. This book is less self-reflective and more action oriented. I want it to put people into practice immediately so they can experience Miracles Now!

A: This book is different by design, so can you tell us the best way to use it? 

G: I feel that books can act like a tarot deck. You can set an intention for yourself and then open the book to any page. Mark my words: You will ALWAYS get the guidance you need most in that moment.

I think the best way to use this book is to surrender to the exercises. Let your intuition guide you through each page. When you land on exercise that excites you, DO IT. Practice it for 40 days and master it. Then share it! These tools are meant to be shared. The last lesson in the book is that you are the guru. 

A: What goodies are you offering for people who purchase it today?

G: I like to take good care of my people, so if you order Miracles Now TODAY, you’ll receive three gifts from me:

-       My ½ day workshop on Manifesting Miracles
-       My lecture on Living a Miraculous Life
-       The audiobook intro to the book!

To order it & get these special gifts, click here:


A: Thank you for sharing your creativity and wisdom with my community and across the globe. I so appreciate your time.

G: It’s my pleasure. And, thank you.

Hope you enjoyed our first ever kidnapped blog!


By: Amber Krzys

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