The Most Courageous

I’ve been traveling for speaking the last couple weeks – which is always fruitful for sourcing good writing material. The thing I’ve witnessed and been most struck by on this trip is courage.

I think it’s easy in our culture to downplay courage. To make it not count. There’s this idea that courage only counts when it’s grand. That you have to save someone from a burning building or put your life on the line.

But what about the courage it takes to live YOUR life each day? To say no – even when it might hurt someone’s feelings? To ask someone on a date and risk rejection? To show up in all of your uniqueness (aka weirdness – we all got some) and be YOU?

I think the most courageous act you will make in your entire life is – to be YOU.

In my travels this last week, I’ve experienced students – inspiring students – willing to do that. Willing to take a stand for their humanity and share their vulnerability.

Northern Illinois University created a Self-ie Perspective gallery – where students took unfiltered selfies and shared their stories about how they pick themselves and their bodies apart. There were hundreds of images and stories posted along the walls – so much TRUTH in that room.


I actually got teary-eyed walking through the gallery. I saw these gorgeous, fresh-faced young men and women standing in their vulnerability in order to serve each other and their community.

I also walked away even more committed to supporting you in feeling good in your body. In discovering the sacredness and sweetness available to you right now – in the body you have.

Beauty and ugliness are two sides of the same coin – meaning, you get to choose which side you want to fuel. No one can force you to flip the coin without your permission. Not society, your friends, your parents – no one. You have a say.

The students below from Northern Arizona University took a stand for their bodies last week. It was such a treat to witness them flip that coin and discover something good – even great – about the body they have. 


I invite you to do the same. Whether it’s finding the courage to love your body a little more or to risk telling someone the truth – choosing YOU is where it’s at! 

Take a moment and finish this statement in the comments below:

If I were just 1% more courageous, I would…

If you like that stem sentence and want to deepen in your answer, I’ll be speaking at a special event on March 14th in Santa Monica where the foundation IS this question. The #CatalyzeCourage Summit (hosted by InHerShoes) will bring together high school girls with professional women from diverse industries and backgrounds to provide a safe space and launchpad for the girls’ freedom of expression, assertion of passion and pursuit of possibility in every aspect of their lives.

Many of these girls are either first generation students, from underprivileged backgrounds, or are receiving significant amounts of financial aid to pursue their education.


It’s an incredibly exciting day and you can read more about the Summit and how you can attend here.

So looking forward to seeing your answer to the 1% question!

Supporting you in being more YOU today.

With loving,

PS: Operation Feel Good 2015 is coming up! If you want to join in the fun and be a secret agent spreading joy, hop on the waitlist here.

By: Amber Krzys

On the Other Side of Your Body & Money Story

I was recently talking with a client who courageously shared with me how uncomfortable she is talking about money. How when it comes to the point in a conversation where it’s time to share her fees – she feels herself shrink and freeze.

I so get it. That used to be me. In fact, I suspect that’s probably a lot of us.

Money is such a complex and taboo topic. We play such an interesting dance with it in our culture. We are programmed not to talk about it. So, we learn to keep how much we make, how much owe, how much we have, to ourselves.

Which would be fine – except this includes keeping our money story to ourselves as well. All of our judgments, beliefs and fears about money end up bottled up inside too – which likely creates a misunderstanding inside that ends up getting in our way – especially when we are trying to make more money!

This misunderstanding is where the issue, or better stated, the opportunity resides.

The story I’m about to share may not seem related to money, but I promise you it very much is – if you hang in with me.

Back in 2008 I set out to see if it was possible to love the body I was given. I’d spent 20 years hating the skin I was in – participating in diet program after diet program – only to end up feeling disappointed, angry and like a failure.

For the first time in my life, I was open to something completely different. A new approach – one that wasn’t about changing my body, but was about appreciating and accepting the body I had.

This was not an easy decision. Inside of myself I had collected 20 years worth of evidence proving there was something wrong with my body – so setting out on this new path felt scary and impossible. And, at the same time, I knew I needed to change. I was so tired of the results I was getting – of the life I was living. So, I was willing to try. I was finally ready to take new and different action.

I spent a year in inquiry – getting to know my body. I slowed way down. What did she want? What did she need? What foods made her feel best? What exercise? Did she trust me to care for her?

I started to think of myself as being in relationship with my body. Then I started to get really curious about what that means. What does a successful relationship look like and how I could I bring that to my relationship with my body?

What I discovered change my life forever. The result was/is more peace, joy, freedom and confidence – not only in my body, but in my life. This concept is now one of the foundational principles of bodyheart.

So, what does this have to do with money…

Let’s fast forward a couple years when I found myself $44,000 in credit card debt. (Hello panic!) It was the end of 2012 and I was feeling hopeless and helpless when it came to money. It seemed like no matter what I tried, my struggle with money was ever present. I never had enough.

And, given that money is a subject we don’t talk about, I was harboring a lot of shame and judgment about myself. I felt like a fraud. If you looked me up online, it looked like I was doing really well – and yet, I had this dirty little secret.

I found myself constantly asking, “how did I get here?” I wasn’t spending frivolously. I was simply trying to make ends meet – but, I never seemed to have enough money.

Can you see a theme here? One similar to my body story?

In this case, I had collected evidence to prove how awful I was with money, how money was never there for me, and how struggle just seemed to be a part of my DNA. This was my story – and I was tired of it.

I remember emailing my coach after having a windfall of money – for the first time in my life I made almost $20K in two months from my own services, only to have that money “taken” away due to unexpected home and car repairs.

In my email to her, I was so angry. I found myself saying: “Why does this always happen to me? Just when I feel like I’m getting ahead something like this happens to take it all away.”

I will never forget her response…she said: Dearest Amber: Have you ever considered applying a treatment plan to your relationship to money – similar to the way you did with your body?

O.M.G. I was floored.

That had never occurred to me. It never entered my consciousness that I was replaying the same pattern – instead of my body being the enemy, it was now money.

So, I went back to what I knew…

I again started by slowing way down and paying attention. I spent time with myself and got curious about money. What were my judgments about it? What did I learn about it growing up? What did I make it mean about me? What did I make my debt mean about me? What did money need from me? What did I expect from it?

Internally, all these irrational beliefs came to the forefront in the most beautiful way, and I got to see them, be with them and ultimately heal them.

At the same time, I started taking new and different action externally. Instead of practicing denial – which I was pretty much mastering when it came to my debt – I started facing it. I made a regular practice of looking at it – appreciating it for all the value it provided. I did the same for the money in my checking account.

I started to care about money the way I cared for my dogs or my body. I started to treat money with respect and more like a friend than an enemy.

I was so committed to healing my money story and experiencing true abundance that I made what felt like a HUGE investment at the time – I joined my first coaching group designed to support me in growing my coaching business. It was the biggest leap I had made in my life in a long time – and it was 1000% worth it.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but that decision pretty much put an end to my story of struggle. I chose to work with women who had thriving practices and were financially successful so they could teach me exactly how to create that for myself. I didn’t have to figure it out on my own – I just had to follow their leadership and guidance.

I had no idea how that program would impact my life. Before the six month group completed, I cracked six figures! And am set to double that by the end of this year.

I feel like a whole new woman – because in a way I am. I have a whole new operating system inside.

Changes like this require internal and external action – a mindset shift AND a behavioral shift. I was so ready, willing and committed to this change on every level. And, what I’ve learned along the way has been mind-blowing.

I now have a deep experience of my own resourcefulness. I know I will never have to worry about money ever again. And, that is priceless.

I have a new understanding of what it means to be of service. In the past my idea of service involved self-sacrifice – that I was supposed to give even though I wasn’t meeting my own needs. Now, I so clearly see how much more I can really help someone – how much more fun it is – when I take care of my own needs first.

I’ve let go of pleasing and trying to get people to like me. I’ve let go of this idea that I’m taking advantage of someone by inviting them to work with me. I am confident in my fees and the value my clients receive when we work together. And, I’ve learned what it means to be a true leader in my business and life.

Choosing to invest in myself and in my business was the catalyst to this transformation – which I am beyond grateful for. The gifts from that decision continue to unfold. And, for me, transformation is so much richer when it’s shared with others. When there’s an opportunity to support someone else in experiencing the freedom that I’ve experienced…

Which is why I am inspired to lead my first ever coaching group for professional women in the Coaching Immersion Adventure – or, the CIA. (I love spy movies and always wanted to be a part of the CIA – so, now I am. Plus, I like to infuse fun into everything I do!)

This group is designed for 10 female coaches who are ready to build a thriving practice, heal their money story and reframe their relationship with service and leadership – so they can make a bigger impact on the world.

There are only 5 spaces left.

If this program speaks to you and you feel inspired to learn more, email for more information and next steps. I’m committed to talking deeply with everyone who’s interested in this group – and only offer spaces to those who will truly get value from participating.

I share this personal experience for your inspiration – to remind you of what’s really possible when we are ready to choose it. 

With loving,

By: Amber Krzys

Sydney Bristow’s got nothin’ on YOU!

The last few weeks have been full of such goodness.

I spoke at Southeast Missouri State University and Penn State University.

IMG_3987 IMG_3993

Such incredible students at each event. Next week I’m headed to Virginia Wesleyan College, and then settling in for Thanksgiving. I still can’t believe it’s just around the corner!

My favorite event was for me. It was spending the day with Danielle LaPorte and her friends – Linda Silverstein and Justine Musk, as well as a group of highly-motivated, loving women.


My heart left feeling so full and alive – like anything is possible. Because, anything is possible. (2015 is all about my book. I am finally courageous enough to make it happen!)

To quote “This is Where I Leave You”, one of my new favorite movies:

“Anything can happen. Anything happens everyday.” (Tweet It!)

Slow down for a moment and really take that in. Anything can happen. Anything happens everyday.

This means YOU can create anything you want – as long as you get out of your own way. The latter is the tricky part for all of us.

Which is why I’ve created something to support you in doing that – getting out of your own way. It’s super fun, free and inspired by one of my all-time favorite shows – Alias!

It’s called Operation Feel Good. I launched the first mission last spring and had such a blast that I’ve decided to bring it back for a special Holiday Mission this year.


Basically for 15 days, you become an agent for feeling good and spreading joy. And, you get entered to win prizes for it too! Pretty cool, right?

There’s zero pitching or selling in this experience. It’s truly a gift from my heart to yours.

To learn more and sign up, click here.

I can’t wait to see you over there.

With love,

By: Amber Krzys

Let’s break the rules, shall we?!

Over the weekend I assisted my coaches at a workshop they led for professional women.


These three days were powerful and transformative. The women who attended got so much value, including myself.

One of the exercises they shared I found particularly poignant – so much so that it has inspired to me break some rules! I love breaking rules, don’t you?! 

In essence the exercise is asking yourself two questions:

In order to have what I want, what do I need to do more of?
In order to have what I want, what do I need to do less of?

Obviously, the first step is dreaming into and getting clear on what it is you want and then from there, answering the questions.

Given this weekend was about work, here’s some of what I wrote:


Trusting MySelf & My Inner Guidance
Making Requests / Submissions
Writing (for my book!)
Connecting and Serving / Being Out in the World
Following what’s Fun


Beating Myself Up

In reviewing these lists, and choosing to honor myself and my values, I have decided to make a change in my email correspondence to you. In the past I did my very best to connect with you every Wednesday.

Starting today, I’m only going to write when I have something I really want to share with you. Something I consider highly valuable, inspiring, transformative and so on. 

I’m no longer committing to a particular day of the week or frequency, like all the online business gurus say to do. Nope. I’m doing what feels good to me – and trusting that is the most powerful choice I can make.

I’m giving myself permission to break the rules.

Now, it’s your turn. I invite you to slow down today and consider what you want – in your life, in your work, in your relationship, in your body, etc. In a way, the more specific the better.

Then, ask yourself the two questions above – What do you need to do more of and then less of to have what you want?

Feel free to share your lists in the comments below.

I hope this process is as impactful for you as it has been for me.

See you sometime soon, I’m sure.

With love,

By: Amber Krzys

How do you want to feel?

One of my Core Desired Feelings – a la Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map (Don’t know what this is? Click here. You’ll thank me later!) – is …

Photo Credit: Catherine Just


I want to feel adventurous – in all aspects of my life.

For me, adventure includes experiencing new things and stepping into the unknown. Having moments of exhilaration and freedom!

So, I make it a point to ponder regularly – what would feel adventurous? How can I bring more adventure into my life?

This last week I got to experience that with one of my amazing clients. We’ve been working together for almost six months – and had never met face-to-face. She’s based in a different part of the country.

A few months ago I shared my desire to create more adventures with clients – and she lit up as much as I did. So we set up a special VIP Day just for her – a day specifically designed for her and what she needs to crack open to the next level. A day where we got to work and play and experience delicious moments of joy, freedom and healing together.

That day happened last week and it was awesome! I’m still buzzing from it.


We started off at one of my favorite places on the planet – Sheila Kelley’s S Factor – where my client got to experience (for the first time ever!) this type of feminine movement…a whole new way of moving her body.

And, she rose to the occasion. She was so courageous – stretching beyond her comfort zone, facing her fears and, ultimately, letting her body be.

It was an incredible gift to witness.

Then we continued our dance into the world with a tasty and nutritious lunch spent leisurely and luxuriously by my pool. Hello October sun! One of the perks of living in Southern California.

We closed the day in front of the big white board – big dreams and visions deserve a big blank canvas to create upon.

We dove into her next steps in her business and life – where we both had our eyes and focus on what she wants and how to make it happen. She walked away with a clear plan of action and I walked away with a burning desire to create more experiences like this one.

More adventures with clients and groups – connecting in person. Honestly, I think I’m addicted and can’t wait to stretch into this new playground even more.

I share all of this with you today as food for thought. Maybe even planting a seed for a future play date with YOU?

I don’t know. I’m open to exploring and seeing what unfolds…

For now, I’ll leave you with two questions:

1. How do you want to feel most often?

2. What can you do to support yourself in feeling that way?

I invite you to share both answers in the comments below. I’d love to see your creativity in action – and hold in your vision right along with you.

Feeling how you want to feel is more possible than you may think!

Light ahead to owning your feelings and co-creating an even more beautiful life.


By: Amber Krzys

You’re Being Lied To…

I shared a story at a recent live workshop that really made an impact on the women who attended. I’m getting so much feedback about it – I’m passing it along to you.

I’m a fan of taking stock and setting new goals and intentions at the New Year. I’ve done it for as long as I can remember. And, I remember years – at least five years in a row (if not more) – writing down the EXACT. SAME. THING…

I want:

A body I love.
To be making six figures.
To be in a loving, respectful romantic partnership.

Basically – Body. Money. A Man.

I wrote this over and over and over. And, every year I set out to “get” those things – doing pretty much exactly what I did the year before even though it didn’t work!

I went looking for “the one” – the one diet program that would change my body. The one online program that would teach me how to make more money. The one man that would be the perfect fit and make all my dreams come true.

I often found myself saying: “Maybe this exercise program/money book/man will be “the one” to give me everything I’ve always wanted.

And, every time I came up empty; thus, repeating the same exact cycle year after year after year.

This pattern continued until I stopped looking for the one “out there” and started looking at the one “in here.” I was the one – and didn’t even know it! I had been blind to it for years.

I slowed way down and started to get to know myself and my body. And, that was the first step and ultimately the choice that broke the chain of Body. Money. A Man.

Once I healed my relationship with my body and opened up to a kinder, more loving way of being with myself, my life vastly improved and it was so much easier for the money and the man to appear. 

This is why I created the Rock Your Body Challenge. It’s not just some woo woo sweet idea – it’s not some luxury or “nice to have”. This is about your relationship with yourself.

This is THE relationship that frames every other experience in your life.

I want you to have the guy and trip and the career – but let’s be real – you and I both know if every time you look in the mirror you go “gross/disgusting/ugly”, if every time you slip on a pair of jeans you say “I’m fat” and other mean things to yourself – it doesn’t matter what goodies (money/partner/adventure/new shoes) show up in your life – you are still going to feel like you’re not enough.

I know it seems hard/crazy/scary/weird/impossible – and that’s ok. That’s what I thought too. But you know in your heart I speak the truth: If you are at war with your body – your life will NEVER feel as fun and fulfilling as it would if you loved your body.

I’ve been thinking about the transformative power of love. When we love things, they don’t stay the same – they transform. So we try to hate our body into changing – and it never works. We love it conditionally (i.e., only when we are a certain number on the scale) – and that doesn’t work because conditional love isn’t love – it’s approval. (Tweet it!)

But when we truly love something it transforms. Sometimes it transforms physically and actually looks different and sometimes the way we experience it transforms – but it doesn’t really matter which. Love changes things. Period. We know this experientially. We know babies fail to thrive and literally can die if they aren’t loved. And, even though we “know” this intellectually – we don’t act like it – especially when it comes to ourself and our body.

You know, the diet industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Not multi-million. Multi-billion. It’s entire job is to keep you feeling insecure and not enough – so you keep looking for the ‘fix’ out there in their products.

I wonder what the world would be like if the self-love industry were a multi-billion dollar industry? Where we actually put our resources and commitment in learning how to support ourselves in a loving way.

Would we be kinder to ourselves and others? Would we have more compassion and generosity? Would we have more time? More creativity? More abundance? More freedom? More fun?

If you’d like to find out, please know I will walk with you every step of the way. I will share with you everything I know about how to change your relationship with yourself. You can count on me to be there with you no matter what. You can go as slow or as fast as you like – and we’ll walk this together.

If this sounds good to you, I invite you to join me in the Rock Your Body Challenge – starting this Sunday October 12th. (It’s virtual – so you can partake from the comforts of your own home!)

There are only 5 spots left. If you want one, I recommend taking action ASAP – as the course will sell out.

You can claim one of those spots right now, click here.

This program won’t open again for a whole year. So, I ask – do you want to spend another year writing the exact same thing on your New Year’s list? That answer is completely up to you.

One possibility…you could sign up for the Rock Your Body Challenge right here and start transforming your entire life today.

With tremendous love and compassion,

By: Amber Krzys

Are you “putting up” with this too?

Over the last week, I’ve had the privilege of having powerful conversations with women about the Rock Your Body Challenge. It’s one of my favorite things to do – talk to women and learn more about them – their hopes and dreams and what’s in the way.

One particular conversation stood out to me. I was talking with a woman I met for the first time at the in-person workshop I led just a few weeks ago. The instant she walked in the door that day, I was so taken by her radiance. Her big, beautiful smile – bright, kind eyes…if you saw her walking down the street, you would think “this woman’s got it”.

In our hour long conversation she opened up and shared vulnerably about some of her biggest concerns – figuring out her purpose, figuring out her career, dealing with the pressure of being at a certain age and not being where she thought she would be by that time. (I can certainly relate.)

She talked about her body a little bit, but said it wasn’t as pressing as the other things…until she made a huge awareness.

She said: I guess I don’t think it’s really possible to love my body, so I don’t put much energy into it.

Which wasn’t actually true. She confessed she spent lots of time thinking about it – critically. Judging her body as not good enough and, just sort of resigning herself to the idea that this was her body and life. Those thoughts would always be there. There was nothing she could do.

She’d tried for years to change her body – eat better, exercise and nothing really helped with her negative, judgmental thinking…

I shared that I too didn’t think it was possible to love my body in the beginning, but I was willing to try – and that willingness changed my life forever. She signed up for the Rock Your Body Challenge on the spot.

I’m sharing this with you today because a lot of women “put up” with things. We settle. We resign ourselves and view things as just part of life. We give up.

When we do this, we actually limit what’s possible.

And even more than that, if you are settling in one area, you are most likely doing it in other areas too. How we do one thing tends to be how we do everything.

If you are settling when it comes to your body, where else might you be settling? In your job? In your relationship? With your kids? What about even on a smaller scale – just accepting that little annoyances are ok and a part of your regular life?

I started to settle when it came to my migraines. After 5 years of experiencing them and doing everything I knew to heal them, I started to wonder if they were just going to be in my life forever.

And, you know what happened when I thought this way? I got depressed. I felt less alive and vibrant. I expected the pain and made my plans based on it. I stopped exercising as much because I thought that contributed to the pain. I pretty much saw myself as broken – and my life started to shrink because of it.

And, it sucked. I didn’t even know I was doing it! I wasn’t conscious of it.

You may not be conscious of where you are settling or giving up in your life right now either. And, that is the point of this post.

We can’t change what we can’t see – and it takes real courage to see. So, I invite you to look. To face the hard stuff so you can do something about it.

Life can be as amazing as you are willing to allow it to be!

When you pause to consider where you may be settling, if you discover you don’t think it’s possible to love your body – that you have to just “put up” with it – you are the exact best person to participate inside the Rock Your Body Challenge. The virtual women’s group I’m leading starting October 12th for only 25 special women.

If it would serve you to see how it can help you transform from “settling to celebrating”, I’m willing to talk with you personally. In fact, I talk with each participant before the program begins to ensure the highest level of service inside the RYBC community.

All you need to do is send me an email and I’ll take care of the rest.

Sending you light ahead for living your fullest, most radiant life.


ps – If you are curious about what the Rock Your Body Challenge is all about – check out the fun, super rad RAP video I made for it. It’s guaranteed to brighten your day.


By: Amber Krzys

This was Offensive to Some

Recently I posted a photo on Facebook that received some negative feedback. Some found it offensive.

Before you rush down to see the pic below, I invite you to read this entire blog. I share more of my story than I ever have.

Between the years of 1990-2008, I had an obsession with changing my body. Almost every waking moment was spent thinking about how I could change my body because I believed that was the key to my happiness.

I grew up dancing. My dance teacher was like a second mom to me. I loved her. She was talented and beautiful and successful. I wanted to be her. In fact, many people thought I was her because my mannerisms were so similar to hers!

Imagine how heart-broken I was the day she told me I needed to lose 20 pounds in order to go to college for dance.

Punch in the gut.

Evidence collected that my body wasn’t good enough.

I immediately started a Saltine cracker and green apple diet.

In college, I studied musical theater. Dance was my greatest love, so I spent hours in front of the mirror in dance class – judging & comparing my body to everyone else. Wishing I were thinner. I felt flawed and defective and knew that my body was standing in the way of my happiness.

My sophomore year – I was an RA – living in the dorm, and I liked a guy who lived on the floor above me. He was tall, popular, could make me laugh. The kind of guy people just enjoyed being around.

Imagine how it felt when he described me as “too thick” to be attractive.

Punch in the gut.

Evidence collected that my body wasn’t good enough.

It was here where my obsession with diet books and going to the gym took over.

I moved to New York to pursue my dream of working on Broadway. I spent years pounding the pavement, trying to lose weight, without much change. But, I never gave up. I knew the next diet program would be THE ONE to fix me.

By this time, I was pretty bitter and angry. I was tired of not getting the results I wanted. I was tired of struggling. Struggling to lose weight. Struggling to get acting work. Struggling to pay my bills. Struggling to find love.

I felt like the world owed me, because I had suffered long enough. I blamed my body, the industry, my dance teacher…even God. Actually, mostly God. “Why did He mess up on me? Why did He give me this body? Why did He abandon me? Hadn’t I proved I was a good girl?”

Then, I finally got my “big break”. I was cast in Mamma Mia. All my years of hard work had finally paid off. This would be the end of all my suffering…NOT!

Punch in the gut.

Evidence collected.

Working on Broadway actually created the opposite effect. It increased the pressure I was putting on myself, because now I was successful and in order to stay there, I had to be the best and prove to everyone else that I deserved to be there.

Enter more restriction diets and binge eating – and hating myself. Hating myself for hiding food. Hating myself for eating in secrecy. Hating myself for eating so much I felt sick. Hating myself so much for not having the willpower to stick with a diet. Hating myself. Period.

My frustration with my career led me to Los Angeles. I thought, “it must be the theater industry that doesn’t get me. It must be New York. Moving to LA is the answer.”


Another punch in the gut.

Moving to LA to pursue film and television heightened my thinner-is-better, body-obsession disease like nothing else.

I sat across from a manager who told me I was past my prime (at 26) and that my hips and butt were too big. I sat across from an agent who told me my “face and upper body were pretty good, but I needed to do something about my lower half”. 

Everywhere I turned I was greeted with the message that my body wasn’t good enough. My body had to change.

Even in my romantic relationship. I was dating a man I loved so deeply. I thought we were going to get married and have children and the white picket fence…

Imagine how it felt when he told me he wished “I was taller. Thinner. And, had larger breasts.”

Another punch.

More fuel to the fire.

This cycle of self-loathing continued until I went to my master’s program at the University of Santa Monica, where I learned the meaning of love. Real love. And, through my own school project, I learned how to apply that love to my body; thus changing the course of my life and work forever.

What I couldn’t see in ALL the stories I shared above until years later was that I was a contributor to each and every one of those offenses. I wasn’t the victim – as I thought and played out for years. It wasn’t everyone else’s fault that I was the way I was. It was mine.

My deep self-hatred and destructive actions caused my suffering. 

That wasn’t an easy pill to swallow. But, it was required for my liberation.

One day I woke up to realize:

This is my life – how do I want to be with MYSELF and MY BODY as I live it.

Enter the picture I shared on Facebook:


Obviously, the work Mother Teresa did on this planet was incredible and this is not meant to take away from that.

It’s meant to highlight an important issue of our time: We, as women, are incredible and powerful, and yet, we are actively participating in our own oppression. We play so small because we buy into this idea that our body isn’t enough. (Tweet It!)

I look back at those 18 years and wonder – what might I have created had I stopped complaining and obsessing about my body?

How many years have you been suffering? What might YOU be creating instead?

Think about how much time and mental energy you devote to hating your body, complaining about her, worrying what you should and shouldn’t eat and wanting to fix her. Imagine what you could create if you took even half of that energy and applied it to your career? Your relationship? Your sisterhood and community?

What then?

I invite you to really imagine what that would feel like. To wake up with passion and drive for your life because you are living on purpose, present and available and making a difference to yourself and those around you.

Woman, you got shit to do.

The question is – are you willing to do it?

Inside my 8-week program, the Rock Your Body Challenge, you are going to have an opportunity to experience the love I talk about above, so you can release your judgments and have more space for other, more important and meaningful things.

If you are curious about what I am talking about and what that looks like for you, I invite you to send me an email and I’ll find time to explore with you.

I am sending a special blessing of loving and compassion to you and your body today. I am holding for your healing, transformation and freedom.

With loving,

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By: Amber Krzys

Are you a Friend Collector?

I got to spend last week celebrating my friends’ pretty important milestones – one just had her first baby and the other turned the big 4-0!

I am so grateful to have been able to be there and love up on each of them. More importantly, I am honored to have them in my life as part of my sisterhood.


At the birthday celebration dinner (photo above), my friend’s husband referred to her as a ‘friend collector’. It was humorous and sweet, and actually very accurate. Her thoughtfulness, care, fierce loyalty and love for those in her life is inspiring. Once you are in her inner circle, you don’t get left behind. In fact, her friends become your friends and ultimately form a chosen family. It’s quite beautiful and magical.

I’ve actually been rolling that idea around in my mind since hearing it – being a friend collector. I recognize an opportunity for myself in it. A chance to uplevel and open my heart even more inside my own friendships.

It’s very easy for me to get caught up in work, travel, supporting my clients, answering emails, hiking my pups – and NOT connect like I could.

I’m not beating myself up. Just waking up to an area I want to improve.

I watched the film About Time this trip too and was reminded of what’s important in life – not the deadlines, emails, phone calls, but the smiles at strangers, hugs from friends, love from the people in your life.

I’m not forming a rigid plan of action for how to move forward. I’m simply opening space in my heart to consider what I want and how I can create that. I’m setting an intention to pay more attention to my sisterhood. To my family. To those in my heart.

I share this with you today because I thought you might need a little reminder too.

If this resonates with you, I’d love to hear more in the comments. How do you pay attention to your sisterhood? How do you create space for the things that are really important?

Looking forward to seeing what you share.

Special hugs and love to you today.

ps – Do you know about bodyheart for business owners? If you own a business or want to own one, this is a place where I share some of my favorite resources and learnings from building bodyheart. Check it out here. It’s free.

By: Amber Krzys

How to Stick to a New Habit

In my last post I shared my cure for ‘stuck-in-a-rut-itis’. If you missed it, I highly recommend reading it here, as today’s post is a continuation of that one.

If you’ve ever tried to implement a new habit like starting a regular meditation practice or exercise program or gratitude journal, but ended up falling off your plan after a week, I got ya covered.

Today I’m sharing exactly how I add a new activity to my self-care routine with ease. Here goes…

The first step is to figure out what new activity you want to honor. (This is why Part One is so important. In that article, I ask you questions to support you in coming to a clear plan with new actions.)

The key point about this first step is to note I said: to figure out what new activityNOT activities – you want to honor. This process works best when focusing on one new action at a time. I do not recommend trying to add two or three new activities. One is plenty. It is enough.

Remember, when it comes to self-care habits, the goal isn’t more. It’s consistency. (Tweet It!)

Once you’ve determined what new action you want to add to the mix, next you’ll want to determine the length of time. For example, do you want to do it every day for 30 days, or is a week enough? What about 3-4 times a week instead? You get to decide that.

Now, comes the fun part. Get out some markers and paper – or my preference, a big white board (cause your self-care is that important!) – and get to work.

1. Title your project.

2. Make boxes on the sheet for the amount of time you’ve selected and fill in those boxes with the corresponding numbers.

3. Decorate your sheet – as much as you like. (Mine is a little lacking in this department, but it still works!)

4. Place this paper in an area you will see it every day. [This step is really important. You have to see it in order to bring it into your consciousness – to remind you to do it. You know the saying – out of sight, out of mind. Well, you don’t want that here.]

5. Mark off each day you complete your action.

See my example below:



You’ll see, I chose to honor a 30-Day Meditation Practice – as a step to making this practice a daily habit. I meditate once in the morning and once in the afternoon for 20 minutes each. You’ll notice on my chart I use one slash inside the box for morning time and one slash for evening time. An “X” means I did both.

You’ll also see that I made some personal notes on some of the days too. Things that I wanted to pay attention to – like when I got a headache or had bad allergies. That’s actually something really cool about the big white board. There is plenty of space to make notes.

This tracking process is great if you like to mark things off your list. It’s also really great because it supports you in creating measurable results. The byproduct of measurable results is more confidence, self-esteem and joy.

Now, it’s your turn. I invite you today (or sometime this week) to create your own tracking chart AND share it with me! You can tag me on Facebook or on Instagram.

I can’t wait to celebrate your progress.

With loving,

ps – Do you know about bodyheart for business owners? If you own a business or want to own one, this is a place where I share some of my favorite resources and learnings from building bodyheart. Check it out here. It’s free.

By: Amber Krzys

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